Stan and Daphne Nkosi Foundation

Life of Stan Nkosi

The Journey Begins…
Stanley (Stan) Nqobizizwe Nkosi was born on October 15, 1948, in Alcockspruit near Newcastle. He was one of seven children of Lillian Msewu and Abner Mpinkulu Nkosi.

His father, who worked as a tailor, struggled to raise enough money for the education of his children. Stan Nkosi matriculated in 1967 at Morris Isaacson in Soweto.

It was only after working for four years that he was able to proceed with his studies at the University of Zululand, graduating with a BProc degree in 1975.

He joined the ANC as an underground operative in the early 1970s working with George Nene, Kgalema Motlanthe, and Siphiwe Nyanda. Under interrogation while in detention in 1976, he admitted forming an ANC cell in Soweto.

Zakithi Nkosi Education

Stan & Daphne Nkosi Foundation

Our Roots

Stan and Daphne Nkosi
Born in Apartheid South Africa, Stanley and Daphne Nkosi, witnessed the harrowing conditions that black South Africans had to endure, this awakened a passion for political and social activism in them. Their natural leadership qualities and values steered them to join the fight against this unjust system.

Their passion for empowerment, equality, moral regeneration, preservation of human dignity, economic transformation and tangible change of the quality of life; propelled the Nkosi’s to seek out platforms with which they can deliver long lasting social change for all South Africans. Their dedication led them to create a foundation with a vision, mission and guiding principles that would ensure that any undertakings by the foundation would benefit the people it is created to help.

The Stanley and Daphne Nkosi Foundation is well placed to continue the legacy of social transformation for South Africans, as envisioned by our founder, Mrs Daphne Mashile-Nkosi and her inspirational husband, the late Mr Stanley Nkosi, for many generations to come.

Our Foundation

The Stanley and Daphne Nkosi Foundation is a non-profit organisation under the guidance of Mrs Daphne Mashile-Nkosi and family.

The Foundation believes that free women and men are genuinely self-governing, personally responsible human beings who are able to run their daily affairs with guidance and motivation.

The drive of changing people’s lives to help craft an independent human being is what motivates the foundations initiatives.

Our Promise

“I grew up with the belief in law and justice. I qualified myself to work within the framework of the law. Unfortunately the fine words and sentiments about justice did not coincide with reality.”- Stanley Nkosi

• New projects undertaken by the foundation, have a dedicated team who are able to vet, approve and initiate.
• Constant feedback and evaluation is possible, through this dedicated foundation platform

Our Vision & Mission

To instil lasting legacy of self worth, empowerment and good moral values, in a meaningful and measurable manner within families and communities through the empowerment of individuals to realise their full potential.
Empowering the lives of ordinary South Africans by investing in initiatives that focus on key factors producing emancipated South Africans, which in turn promote development and preservation of an African heritage, culture and moral value system.

Our Objectives

Stan and Daphne Nkosi Foundation
The objectives of the Stanley and Daphne Nkosi Foundation are to create initiatives that help mitigate the challenges faced by South Africans today.

These Initiatives are aimed at empowering individuals, and in turn to integrate these newly emancipated individuals into their family structures and create a culture of self-governance and independence thereby creating self-sufficient communities.

The initiatives are categorised by the following:

Foundation Pillars

Development of ordinary people

Development of Infrastructure in the Health & Education sector

Inspiring South Africans to build themselves